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In the Land of Enchantment Without a Car

As Labor Day and other summer events approach, chances are you’ll need to make a run to your local Walmart to stock up on supplies to host cook outs and other events or just to restock the supplies you use every day. Driving around to take care of all these tasks is so much easier when you have a car. If you are in the market for a new vehicle to own or lease, we have a solution. Ordering a car online may seem strange to those who grew up on the traditional dealership model. In reality, a recent survey found that most Americans would rather forego the tedious process of the dealership and buy their next car online. You no longer have to go in to “kick the tires”, now you can use our secure, tested online method and get the automobile you want.
Direct sales have always been a feature of the automobile sales industry. In the earliest days, cars were sold by mail order, as well as through authorized representatives in department stores or by traveling salesmen. It was William E. Metzger who opened the first dealership in the United States, and that was back in 1898. Clearly it’s time for a change. As Americans become more accustomed to buying items they’ve only seen on a website, online sales of autos are expected to rise. Americans are increasingly more confident about doing their regular shopping online and using sites like Groupon to take advantage of additional savings to sweeten the deal. Using a Groupon deal, you can save as much as 80% with Walmart online, and shop right from home. That means fewer people running around from store to store, choking the streets and highways. Save your car for work and recreational pursuits and do your shopping online. You can easily qualify for free shipping, and that’s an added savings.
There’s no time like the summer to go exploring on back roads or take the family to the lake to enjoy a cool summer breeze. Fishing, swimming, hiking and other recreational pursuits are what summers were made for. Don’t miss out on the fun this season because bad luck’s got you down. If you need help with your credit, or don’t have the time to sit face to face with a bank official, let us handle your car purchase. You’ll be surprised at the ease and efficiency of the enchanting deal we make.