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We find auto loans in Lovington and across New Mexico for men and women with just about any credit score, from excellent to subprime. You can complete the application in three minutes to finish, and we have some of the highest approval rates in all of New Mexico.

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We should also take a look at your price range.

A typical income in Lovington is $28,516 every year, which is $2,376 per month. It’s best to spend no more than 10% of this amount for any used car loan. That means Lovington used auto loan payments ought to be roughly $238.

In order to avoid negative equity, pay off your loan within no more than 60 months, preferably.

Recommendations for Car Loans in Lovington

Your interest rate is really important when it comes to shopping for a car in Lovington.

Can you find a good friend or loved one who can co-sign your car loan? If you do, this could lower your interest rates in a big way, so long as he or she has a good credit rating. But bear in mind that a co-signer will have to pay off the loan if you’re unable to.

Obviously, you can finance a car with below-average credit in Lovington without a cosigner, but your annual percentage rate will be significantly greater.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Loans in Lovington, NM

You may be able to finance a car through one of Lovington’s buy here pay here dealerships without a credit check. The central benefit to this kind of finance is that these dealerships approve consumers with subprime credit, but the negative aspects are substantial.

Our dealers and lenders will find you an auto loan in Lovington, NM with better terms and conditions.

Lovington Auto Credit Companies and Dealerships

  • E M Myers Inc, 822 South Main Avenue 88260

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